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Delaware really DOES have life below the canal. [entries|friends|calendar]
Everybody in Kent/Sussex

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garage sale in Milford 3/27 [24 Mar 2010|10:25pm]

901 SE 3rd St, March 27, Milford
9 AM - 2 PM.
Across from Lulu Ross Elementary, in the garage, around the side.

Moving out of state, and getting rid of a good amount of stuff that doesn't need to go.
Books, Arts/Crafts Supplies, Women's Clothing, Gardening, BBQ stuff, Esoterica/pagan stuff, Art things, and lots of miscelllany. Also an inexpensive kitchen table, a very little bit of furniture.
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anyone near milford with a truck? [12 Dec 2009|10:11am]

I need a chair hauled 4 blocks. A big recliner chair. I would pay...
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Water Aerobics in Milford [20 Apr 2009|11:19am]

There is a brand new Boys and Girls Club at 101 Delaware Veterans Blvd in Milford. They are starting both general and senior water aerobics on April 27th. (302) 422-4453 is the phone number.

The general class is 8 AM-9AM MWF the senior one is 9 AM-10 AM.

I'm teaching it, and I'm so excited to get started! Hope to see you there....
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milford boys and girls club pool [14 Apr 2009|01:31pm]

the Milford Boys and Girls club at 101 Delaware Veterans Boulevard has a big, new pool. I'm going to be teaching water aerobics there starting April 27th at 8 AM MWF for general class, 9 AM for senior class. they also do swim lessons and open swim. It's really nice, being brand new it has a lot of nice equipment and such.

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question re cars [31 Mar 2009|12:08am]

has anyone ever bought a car at the Felton auction? Where else is good to get used cars relatively inexpensive?
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soap making class [18 Feb 2009|05:28pm]

I signed up for a soap making and scent blending class at the Soap Fairy in Milford DE. They will be moving out of Milford soon, so pass the word, if you live in Sussex County this may be the last class before they move to Wilmington. it's on Feb 28th.

here's the URL for the class
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would like to watch inauguration with someone [19 Jan 2009|04:49pm]

I don't have a car, and don't have a TV at home hooked up to cable or anything. I live in milford. Does anyone know of any places I can go tomorrow to watch the inauguration nearby in Milford?
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Holiday stuff to do? (xposted, sorry) [24 Dec 2008|12:20am]

Hi- new in the area. Not religious, and can't afford to go home for the holidays. SO... Milford, Dover, Lewes, Rehoboth,Georgetown... even Salisbury MD, or Cape May... Whats to do between Christmas Eve and January 4th? I don't even know where to find the information in a simple fashion! Milford's calendar is down, according to Cape Gazette NOTHING is happening between Xmas and New Years... there's got to be something somewhere! My husband is off for the week.
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election night? [30 Oct 2008|10:36pm]

where can I go to watch returns, hopefully near or in Milford but I'd go elsewhere in Sussex in order to be with people as the election results happen.....
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meetup? [02 Oct 2008|01:51am]

I'm thinking about starting a meetup. either a "new in town" meetup, or a just plain "sussex county" meetup. I'm new here and I want to meet new people. I live in Milford so I'd probably do it here. Any thoughts?
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voting registration and volunteering [21 Sep 2008|10:01pm]

Hiya- how long do I need to be living in Delaware to vote here? and can anyone point me at volunteering opportunities for the Obama campaign in Sussex County, preferrably Milford?
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FYI: 1 week till Bellydance in Newark [31 Aug 2008|10:51am]

On September 6, 2008
At the George Wilson Center
(across the street from U of D Clayton Hall)
in Newark DE

workshops are almost full
Gothla is open to the community, for a mere $5 admission
come watch dance, dance yourself, or shop with our vendors, and get a henna tattoo

Read more...Collapse )
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lewes area (milford too) need housing right away! [27 Aug 2008|09:44pm]

[ mood | worried ]

my hubby just got a job in Lewes, so we're going to be looking for an apt. I think living in Lewes would be neat because we'd only need one car. He thinks that is good but that it might be cheaper to live in Milton (I think thats right- is it Milton, Millsboro, or another town starting with Mil that is closest).... but then we'd need two cars. (Oh, it's Milford)

I don't know Delaware at all.

can you make any suggestions? it would definitely be a year round place.

We're coming from Chicago so we don't know the area that much.

Hubby might also be looking for a week to week place until I get out there. I have a cat.

Edit- Milford would be best, actually.

Also, he needs temporary housing if full housing hasn't turned up, any suggestions for week to week housing?

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KITTENS! [02 Aug 2008|11:20am]

We have 4 kittens that will need homes in a month or 2! My cat Kiki just had a litter 7/28/08. Kiki is a long-haired orange gorgeous cat, so I'm sure her kittens will be adorable. There's 2 orange kittens, 1 dark gray, and 1 black. Not sure of their genders yet. Let me know if you're interested! I may try to get some pictures posted soon...
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March 15th in Milton, DE [27 Jan 2008|10:19am]


Nefertiti Entertainment Production Company is proud to Present Scheherazade, Delaware Belly Dance Extravaganza & Renaissance day at the Milton Theatre...

March 15, 2008
Where: Milton Theatre Milton, De. Doors open at 9:00 am and show is 6:30:pm

The festival will be set in the area of Renaissance with fun for the entire family. The doors will open at 9:00 am with plenty of shopping, workshops, lectures, food, prizes and demonstrations. Vendors will sell belly dance costumes, dance wear, candles, jewelry artisans, etc.

Belly dance workshops go on throughout the day with amazing instructors by Habiba, of Philadelphia, Viviana and Kimilla of Damali Dance Company and others.

Informational tables and demonstrations will provide guest information on topics ranging from health, educational and family related issues.

The show will start promptly at 6:30. The theatrical presentation of Scheherazade will include some of the best dancers in the tri-state area

After the show all are invited to dance and party the night away to the sound of World Music.
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the ONLY place to be this wednesday night [20 Jun 2007|01:46pm]

support the local young artistic community. tell your friends!

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[11 Jun 2007|08:56pm]

[ mood | productive ]

come support the local young art scene in ocean city!

also, i'm still looking for artists for upcoming shows. so, if you or someone you know is a talented artist between the ages of 21 and 35 looking to show off their talents, contact me.


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:Destruktion: Delaware Industrial Music Night -- Saturdays, Upstairs @ The City Tap [28 May 2007|05:06am]

Come see me spin Industrial music and more Saturday, June 2nd upstairs at the City Tap! Also, usually on Saturdays there are bands playing downstairs as well! Directions: The City Tap is located in the heart of Smyrna, Delaware right downtown on 19 West Commerce Street. At the Wendy's intersection in Smyrna on Route 13 head towards the car dealership (opposite side of Wendy's) and after one light it'll be immediately on your left. Hope to see you there! Add me on myspace at www.myspace.com/tnaylorj and see the playlists of past shows and stay informed...
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This Saturday at the City Tap in Smyrna, Delaware [24 May 2007|04:03am]

:Destruktion: Saturdays at the City Tap... I'm D.J.-ing May 26th, 2007 in Smyrna, Delaware upstairs at the City Tap. It's right off route 13 on 19th West Commerce Street in downtown Smyrnadelphia. Turn left if coming south (right if coming north) at the Wendy's interesction in Smyrna, and it'll be on your left. Mainly Industrial tracks... but will throw in other genres at will aswell. No cover charge if 21+ and drinking...
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Reminder: TOMORROW NIGHT IN SYMYNA, DE [19 May 2007|12:27am]

:Destruktion: Grand Premiere --- Who says Delaware can't be a fun as the big cities????? Something new and fresh to help destroy the stagnant cob webs of dela-where???....
I'm D.J.-ing May 19th, 2007 (TOMORROW NIGHT!!!) in Symrna, Delaware at the City Tap ...make or break it--come support and have a new local night and scene! It's right off route 13 on West Commerce Street in downtown Symrnadelphia. Mainly Industrial tracks... but will throw in other genres at will aswell.
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